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What time would the bus pick-up be for the free shuttle/ door to door? Will the kids be picked up in time for free breakfast?

Accurate bus schedule will not be available until mid-June since we don't know how many students will be registering for bus. Since we don't know the accurate time as of right now, we cannot guarantee that child will arrive on time for breakfast (8:30). Last year, some buses arrived on time and some did not.

What school bus provider do you use?

We have our own certified vans (door to door) and we also partner with STEPHANIE BUS SERVICE (free shuttle bus).

Will there be a counselor on the school bus?


Can you give me an idea of a daily schedule?

Children arrive between 8:30-9:00.

9:00-11:30/45 is academics. This is where children review and preview for upcoming school year based on common core curriculum.

11:45-12:45 is Lunch.

12:45-2:45 is extracurricular activity time where each day, different activity is provided.

2:45-3:00 is dismissal.

3:00-5:30 is extended care where children get to do HW, extra gym/sports time, and free play (under supervision).

A more detailed calendar information on what is taking place daily will be available once summer camp begins.

Are the extracurricular activities formalized? Or is it more like free play?

We have structured extracurricular time with professional instructors. Free plays are available too (under supervision).

How old are the counselors?

We have senior counselors who are 18 and older.

Junior counselors are about 16-17 years old but their job is to assist the senior counselors. A junior counselor will not be left alone to supervise children by himself/herself.

What is the staff to student class ratio?

Estimated ratio is about 1 staff:15-20 children. If more than 15 children and less than 25, we tend to put an assistant to help the main teacher.

Do the kids only stay with kids their own age all day?

Yes. 90% of the time. There are cases where a 3rd grader may be in 2nd grader's class due to academic issues. Also if a 2nd grader is advanced for her grade level, she may be transferred to 3rd graders class.

Does this group structure stay the same all day?

Yes during the academics. During extracurricular time, depending on the activity, we may divide or combine classes/groups.

What materials do my children bring to summer camp?

Teachers will provide a list of materials to bring in on the first day of summer camp. But to begin, your child will need to bring 1 notebook, 1 folder, and pencils/erasers.

How much is the fee for Friday trips? If they opt not to go, what happens?

Trip fee varies depending on destinations: $35-$70

Child not attending trip is still allowed to come to school since we will be open for service.

What is included in the Sibling Discounts?

We waive registration fee ($60) for the 2nd child.

Door to Door transportation, 2nd child is 50% off

How much is Door to Door transportation?

One way $200 and Round Trip $400 for the full 7 weeks of summer camp

Is there snack provided during after care?

We ask parents to send snack if child is in extended day care. Last year, we did sell snack for a very affordable price (50 cents- $1.00) but we aren't sure yet if we will be selling again (TBA).

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