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BPA After School at PS 242Q
2022 - 2023 Register Online

PS 242Q 放學後的 BPA 2022 - 2023 網上報名

** Please use a computer or tablet to fill out your application.
** 请使用电脑或平板电脑填写您的申请。

Student Information [学生信息]

Sex [男/女] :

Guardian Information [ 监护人信息 ]

Parent/Guardian #1 [家长/监护人 #1]
Parent/Guardian #2 [家长/监护人 #2]
Emergency Information  [紧急信息]

Program details [节目信息]

Homework assistance + review 
Program start date: March 1st, 2022
Dismissal - 5:45 PM
$360/ 4 weeks (Registration fee $60)

解雇 - 下午 5 点 45 分
$360/ 4 周 (注册费 $60)
First payment method: [第一种付款方式:]
Dismissal Information [解雇信息]

Health Information [学生健康信息]

Please check all that applies to your child [请检查所有适用于您孩子的信息] :
For children who need Epinephrine auto-injector and/or inhaler on site:
[对于需要现场肾上腺素自动注射器和/或吸入器的儿童] :

Program Policy  [计划政策]

Please review Best Prep's Program Enrollment contract and policies by clicking the link below.
[请单击下面的链接查看 Best Prep 的计划注册合同和政策。]
What is Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? Click on the link below to learn more.
[什麼是不良童年經歷 (ACE)?單擊下面的鏈接以了解更多信息。]
*Please review all information to make sure everything is accurate.

** Registration is not finalized until payments are received. 
** 在收到付款之前,注册不会完成。

*** After submitting your application, we will be in contact with you via email.
*** 提交申请后,我们将通过电子邮件与您联系。
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