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Summer Camp 2022 @PS 163
2022 年夏令营 @PS 163

Student Information [學生信息]

Sex [男/女] :

Guardian Information [ 監護人信息 ]

Parent/Guardian #1 [家長/監護人 #1]
Parent/Guardian #2 [家長/監護人 #2]
Emergency Information  [緊急信息]

Summer Program [暑期課程]

My child... [我的孩子...]:
Program Selection [節目選擇]:
* Full payment due by June 1st*
* 6 月 1 日前全额付款*
Payment for non-refundable $50 registration fee + $100 deposit [支付不可退還的 100 美元押金 + 50 美元註冊]
Dismissal Information [解僱信息]

Health Information [健康信息]

Please check all that applies to your child [請檢查所有適用於您孩子的內容]
For children who need Epinephrine auto-injector and/or inhaler on site:

Please review Best Prep's Program Enrollment contract and policies by clicking the button below.

請單擊下面的按鈕查看 Best Prep 的計劃註冊合同和政策。

*Please review all information to make sure everything is accurate.

** Please note registration is not finalized until payments are received. 

*** Once the form is submitted, we will be in contact with you via email. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

Program Policy [計劃政策]

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